His humor made the world laugh. This was the gift that Robin Williams gave us.  Many wonder how a man that funny could be so depressed in his everyday life. Just as millions of Americans suffer from real depression, so did Williams. It is a disease of the brain. Dr. Drew explains:




You can't just "snap out of it." We need to realize the difference between normal sadness and a serious illness. The shocking death of Robin Williams reminds us that we are all human and there is help right here in the Hudson Valley.

If you have lived long enough, there is a high probability that you will have a friend or family member commit suicide. They may put on a brave face, but we all have to look closer.  We have to take a moment out of our busy lives to talk to people and ask them how they are really doing.

Robin Williams spent time in the Hudson Valley. He filmed The World According to Garp at the Millbrook School. He performed at the Mid Hudson Civic Center.  Robin spent a great deal of his time and money on humanitarian causes. He tried to shed a light on those in need.  His death hopefully will help all of us look at mental illness as a disease that shouldn't be judged as a character flaw, but rather something that needs serious medical attention.