Being here in the Hudson Valley gives us access to plenty of boating along the Hudson River and with a good portion of this holiday weekend looking to be some fine weather it's going to quite busy out.

As we finish up National Boat Safety week it's absolutely necessary to take every precaution, especially when it's going to be crowded on the water. This includes the safety needs of your pets for those who include them in the family fun with everyone else.

According to the Coast Guard there were 4,062 boating accidents last years that resulted in over 2500 injuries and close to 600 deaths. There's no numbers on how many animals may have been aboard for these accidents but I think it can be safely assumed that there were quite a few.

As I searched out lists of tips there were some obvious ones like life vests, food and water, and having a plan for an emergency but there were others that didn't immediately come to mind like medical and vaccination records and familiarization with the vessel if you are, say, boating with friends for the first time.

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