The new Mario M. Cuomo bridge isn't even completed and thousands of people have signed a petition to change it's name.

The new span is an engineering marvel and even though it cost nearly $4 Billion, it came in on budget and time. The problem for many with the new bridge is it's name. Instead of calling it the Tappan Zee Bridge, it is the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, in honor of our former Governor. Mario was also the father of our current Governor and according to LoHud, the bridge was named at the eleventh hour.

The younger Cuomo proposed a bill naming the span after his father in late June, but legislators declined to vote on it. The measure ended up being included in a 72-page bill days later that touched on a number of issues and was passed by the state Senate at 1 a.m.

As you can imagine, this political move has ticked off a lot of people. Over 56,000 have signed a petition to change the bridge name to the Tappan Zee. This movement has some serious steam. Those 56,000 signatures have happened in about two weeks.

There was talk about naming the new span after Pete Seeger, but that topic didn't seem to last very long. The petition is on and it continues to gather signatures. Will this strong protest force the state to take the late Governor Cuomo's name off the bridge? I doubt it, but this can't feel good for our current Governor, who wanted to honor his father.