Just came across this incredible list of really useful websites you didn't know existed.

Do you need a temporary email address for, say, a confirmation of something? There's a site link on this list for an email that will self destruct after you get it. How about a site that can figure out any math problem or one that help you pick a movie to watch without having to waste all your time making that decision?

Maybe you want to find out if a movie is available on an online stream somewhere or you need some help making a webpage printer friendly. You'll find all that and more in this really useful list of, well, really useful websites.

I can see myself using the word frequency counter to make sure I'm not using a word too much in one piece or blog. I'll definitely play around with the comic strip creator and I could probably use the 'this to that' site to find out what you need to stick one item to another...if for nothing else than to mess with the JG at the house.

Enjoy the list and let us know what you found useful.

via Buzzfeed