The massive amount of snow we just had, plus lots of rainfall, is adding to the loud roar of the Wappinger Falls.

We will have some more rain this week and there is still snow melting from the last big storm. The Wappinger Creek is running at a very high level. We are not at flood stage, but one big rain storm and we could get there. This is normal for spring and the waterfall in the village of Wappingers is really ripping.


I don't recommend holding your phone over the rail on the Main Street bridge. One slip and you can kiss that baby goodbye! The Wappinger Creek is 42 miles long and starts out at Thompson Pond in Pine Plains. It really opens up right before you get to the waterfall in the village.

I have seen people on boats and kayaks, but I wonder how close they get to the falls? With water running this fast, you wouldn't stand much of a chance if you got to close to the drop off point.

According to the Riverfacts website, there is an eight mile stretch of the Wappinger Creek that is popular with kayakers.

Whitewater rafting and kayaking in New York is often tougher than elsewhere, so don't forget that a large number of rivers in this state are not easy. The Red Oak Mills to New Hamburg section of Wappinger Creek in New York is 8 miles long and has been rated as a class I-III section by American Whitewater.

The Wappinger Creek Derby races along this stretch of the creek. The popular Dutchess County event is happening at the end of this month. Be sure to find a spot along the creek and cheer to boaters on.