After a soggy weekend, we’ll start to dry out t for a good chuck of the week and see temperatures warm up.  Most parts of the Hudson Valley, saw rain starting Saturday afternoon and lasting into Sunday night.  A dense fog advisory went up for the area on Sunday night, as warm and cold air collided.

The temperatures will climb to near 40 on Monday, according to the National Weather Service. Tuesday, the sun returns, but we’ll lose a bit of the gain from Monday.  Then Wednesday, Sunny and 49 for day time high.  Thursday looks even warmer as we go up near 60.

Another cold front, will bring us rain for Friday, but only drop day time temps back to 40.  The long-range outlook, continues to keep this see saw affect going.  Mid-thirties for the holiday weekend, but the weather rebound with some 50-degree days.  Looking ahead on, shows the rest of the month temperatures still to stay in low to mid 40’s.  If that pattern holds.