SUNY New Paltz just opened the first new building on the campus in 20 years. The $48 million Science Hall is a stunner and should draws lots of new students to the college.

Science and engineering take a giant leap forward on the New Paltz campus with this new building. We have heard about some of the things happening with 3 D printing at the school, but the new Science building will offer state of the art technology and a fresh energy for students and teachers.

According to their website, the Science Hall opened with a ceremony on Thursday and even with the bells and whistles of modern technology, it salutes the history of New Paltz.

As a gateway to the campus and recognizable first impression for visitors, Science Hall is designed with a slate exterior that pays homage to the rooftops of Historic Huguenot homes built here in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The new Science Hall will feature classes in: Geology, Computer Science, Engineering, Astronomy, Physics and even STEM science programs. Those are just a few of the exciting courses offered in this impressive structure.

Another great addition to SUNY New Paltz that will only enhance it's reputation of being a college that offers a "big bang" for the buck.