Security was tighter than normal this past week at SUNY Orange or Orange County Community College after a non-specific threat was reported to administration officials.

A message was sent out, Wednesday night, December 6, at 11:28pm from SUNY Orange President Dr. Kristine Young.   According to the President, “This evening, the College became aware of an anonymous, non-specific threat regarding rumors of a potential shooting “tomorrow.” This threat, which mentions the College by name but gives no other significant details, originated via text messaging and is circulating on social media.”

She went on to say, they were working with local and state police agencies, but at this time didn’t believe the threat was credible.  They would open both campus on Thursday, December 7 as schedule with increased security presence.  Actual police were at both campus.

The Middletown Police Department investigators did say the messages originating phone number came for an invalid non-working number, so it was believed to be have been a spoof.