There are plenty of places where using your cell phone is not a good idea. A Hudson Valley woman alleges that her doctor did just that, while operating on her.

The 70 year old woman is suing the doctor for "emotional distress" because she was awake during an operation and heard him talking on his phone while he was working on her leg. The patient, whose name is Mary Edwards is suing Dr. Eric Fishman and Westchester Medical Group.

According to the Daily Voice, Edwards had two varicose vein surgeries that were done by Dr. Fishman.  She was under local anesthesia and awake during the procedure. She claims she heard the doctor talking on his phone.

According to the lawsuit, during that conversation, Fishman spoke in both Spanish and English - which Edwards is fluent in. Fishman allegedly spoke about female breast milk, stated that he experienced night sweats, has diabetes and suffered from blurred vision.

Her lawsuit says that the doctor told her he was taking a "spanish proficiency" exam. He allegedly said that while he was operating was the only time he could take the test. There is no information indicating the success of the operations. Ms. Edwards lawyer says she has suffered greatly because of this.