I call it the "Sunflower Field of Dreams" on Degarmo Road in the Town of Poughkeepsie. I went back for another visit and found out some pretty amazing things about this special place.

Wednesday afternoon I went back to the Sunflower field in Poughkeepsie and as luck would have it, I got a chance to talk with Jeffrey Haight.  Jeff and his brother Kevin started Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils and all of the beautiful sunflowers in this field will be used to make their heart healthy local product.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The sunflowers are past peak bloom and this field won't look so good in a couple of weeks. August is the month for Sunflowers, but their blooming period is short. Millions of sunflower seeds will come from this 6 acre field.  Jeff and his brother, along with the rest of their team will start harvesting the sunflowers soon. Please remember that this is private property, so if you go by - take some pictures from outside the fence, but don't trample the field.

They will take those seeds and cold press them into their healthy sunflower oil. If you haven't had sunflower oil, it's extremely good for you and has a high smoke point, so like Olive Oil, it's great for cooking. Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils also make skin care products. If I were going to use a Sugar Scrub on my face and I probably should, I think I would go with the Lemon Lavender sugar scrub.

Jeffrey told me that their company loves being part of the community and they will be at a lot of events. They will be set up at New Windsor Community Day on August 26th. This event draws thousands of people and having been there many times with my daughters, I can tell you it's lots of fun.

Watch the video of Jeffrey and I in the Sunflower Field. He gave us some big sunflower news that you will only get here! Thanks Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils! Look for their products all over the valley or buy them on their website.