Culinary Institute of America

3 Common Pumpkin Pie Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid
Before you pop that pumpkin pie into the oven you’ll want to learn these three common mistakes that could ruin Thanksgiving dessert. Chef Kristin Egan from the Culinary Institute of America dropped by our studios this week to share her tips for making the perfect pumpkin pie. For those of you…
Culinary Institute Haunted by Father Murphy?
There are lots of places in the Hudson Valley that are alleged to be haunted, but the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park has a delicious story. The CIA seems like such a happy place where they make food that is incredible. How could it be haunted? Well the CIA used to be a Jesuit Seminary […]
We Love the CIA
The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park is an amazing place.  This week the 800 seat Marriott Pavilion opened at the CIA.  It cost $19 million to build and it will host world famous chef's teaching students how to become masters of their art...