Valley Favorite Daryl Hall Getting Divorced
Daryl Hall has roots here in the Hudson Valley. He used to own a home in the Town of Washington and Daryl's House in Pawling is one of the best venues for live music in the area. Sad to report that Hall and his wife Amanda Jane Hall are getting divorced.
Divorce Lawyer’s Controversial TV Ad
There is a divorce lawyer in Reno, Nevada named Marilyn York who calls herself a "men's rights attorney".  She has gotten a lot of attention with her controversial advertising approach.
She warns men that their women spend a long time "planning out" their…
Amazed it lasted this long
When the Eliot Spitzer scandal hit six years ago it was a real shock.  During the press conference his wife was right by his side.  Many wondered how she could "stand by her man" after the revelations of him cheating with high priced hookers...