Gardiner Cupcake Festival

Epic Cupcake Festival in Gardiner on Saturday
I don't like to use the word "epic" to describe many things, but the Cupcake Festival in Gardiner is just that.  The festival started out on Main Street a few years back, but had to move to Wright's Farm because it has become on of the valley's biggest events.
A ‘Cupcaking’ Success in Gardiner
On a picture perfect day at Wright's Farm in Gardiner the 6th annual Gardiner Cupcake Festival was held and all on hand 'held' a perfect cupcake of a day...or two.
There was so much to do, from enjoying live music, to great food, to plenty of activities for the whole family the day had…
A Fest of a Most Powerful Word
Alright, I have one word for you. One word that should get you to to do a double take or possibly make you stop in your tracks. It is a word that can be quite distracting yet can fall right in with whatever is you are doing (so long as you stop whatever it is you are doing)...