Small Hudson Valley Cities Make List of America’s Best, Worst
WalletHub has ranked the best small cities in America. The personal finance website ranked 1,268 cities with populations between 25,000 and 100,000, factoring in housing, cost of living, unemployment rate, school-system quality, income growth, population growth, average commute time and the number o…
5 Best Santa Clauses on Film
Santa Claus, who without a doubt really does exist, doesn’t have time to make a personal appearance in every Hollywood movie about Christmas ever made. Instead, he relies on a number of talented actors to portray him on the silver screen.
24 Money Savers at Christmas
As we all get ready for the Holiday's some, like myself, might find this time of year to be a little daunting, especially to the wallet. Well, as I took a look down this list from Buzzfeed I found some pretty good hacks to try and save a bit of $ this season depending on what you have in m…