2013 ‘What Brought Us Together’
As i'm sure you have, I've seen a number of the year end posts, lists, etc that we're all bombarded with right now but this video compilation, done annually by Jean-Louis Nguyen's is worth the 6 or so minutes and just might strike a chord.
FYI Daily: 02/03/13
FYI Daily: 02/03/13
Links to today's FYI stories: Lady Gaga announced artRave the ARTPOP Ball Tour which includes two local stops in early May, Billy Joel has a "tour" of his own as he and Madison Square Garden announced the piano man as the first ever&…
Clown Royal? [VIDEO]
Did you ever imagine a 7 foot clown named Puddles covering Lorde's "Royals"? If you did, did you then think it might be fascinatingly strange but eminently watchable? And if you went that far was it possible you thought that the clown might have a…