Wappingers School Board

Wappinger School Redistricting Approved by BOE
The Wappingers Central School district held a Board of Education meeting last night to vote on the proposed redistricting.  Superintendent Jose Carrion has recommended the changes for months and last night the board approved the plan by a 7 to 2 vote.  What does this mean to the children o…
Wappinger School Redistricting Decided Tonight
Redistricting has been an extremely hot subject the past few weeks in the Wappinger Central School District.  Tonight the board of education will meet to decide on reconfiguration and the shifting of 458 students to other schools.  This meeting will be packed and could get very heated.
Wappingers School Board Spat
When I first started in radio I used to do news and I covered the Wappingers School Board meetings.  The discussions often got heated.  It's no different today.  The Common Core is a major concern for parents and administrators.  I think passionate discussion of the issue wi…