On Wednesday, local businesses will be walking and talking as part of a special networking event.  The event will be happening at the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park, it’s called “Talk-Walk on the Walkway.”  The event was put together by Toby Nadler, founder of Womeninbusiness.org, which is sponsoring the event.

Getty Images/Moment RF

The idea is to bring experts from New York to Albany to the walkway.  There will be interactive booths and guest speakers as part of the event.  These businesses and organization were hand selected.   Also, part of the event is the “U.S. Favorite Dessert Challenge.”  People who attend the event can sample and vote for their favorite.

The “Talk-Walk on the Walkway,” goes from 11am to 3pm and certain parts of the program does overlap.  Might be best to map out your plan.  Also, tickets are required for the event.  Ticketholders can show up at any point during the event period, but everyone must check in first.