The Hudson Valley lost one of our biggest supporters overnight.  Pete Seeger is dead at 94.  If it weren't for Pete the Hudson river would probably be in pretty bad shape.  I used to call him "Sloop Doggie Dog" because of his work with the Sloop Clearwater.  Pete was the definition of "think globally, act locally".   If you grew up around here there is a good chance he came to your school and sang some of his famous songs with you.  I can remember riding the train to NY many years ago and Mr. Seeger was on it.  He was holding court and talking about the environment.   Everyone on that car seemed facinated by what he had to say about the Hudson river.  You'll hear a lot about Pete for the next few days.  How he stood firm for what he believed in.  He sure made a difference around here and will truly be missed.  Thanks Pete.