Let's face the fact that robots or some form of robotic activity is a part of our lives.  We turn so much of our thinking over to our phones now, it's a safe bet we will someday have plenty of free time on our hands!

Robots are going to do amazing things for us in the not to distant future.  If you could own a bot right now, what would you want to use it for?  I want it to assemble anything I buy from IKEA.



There is no turning back!  Science fiction movies have often predicted that robots will eventually wind up killing us.  Their artificial intelligence will determine that we are not worth the space we are taking up and ZAP!!!  We will be toast!  Scary Robots are already here!  Check this video out.



You can still watch The Jetsons on one of the upper channels.  I just hope the robots of our future are as nice as they were on that cartoon.