While most of us were thinking about the Easter Bunny this weekend, I took my kids to a swamp. No, we didn't go hunting for the giant Swamp Bunny of Dutchess County.  We went for a walk on the boardwalk.

The Great Swamp in Pawling is an enormous place that has so many interesting species of bird, mammal and amphibian. It is home to a number of endangered animals and has a boardwalk that runs right through it and connects the Appalachian Trail!

You can take a guided tour of it, but we didn't do that this weekend. That is done by paddle boat and we just didn't have the time. We will go back for that trip. My kids really enjoyed it and I think it got them curious about the mystery of what goes on in this large, muddy environment. Exactly my goal!

Take a ride out there sometime and check it out for yourself. If you see a really large, wet and angry bunny take a picture. Then run like hell!