Some people say that New York Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey can't handle the bright lights of New York City, but I don't think he can even deal with the lights at Dutchess Stadium.

Saturday night the Renegades will get a chance to play against the recovering Met Pitcher and I predict they will send him to the showers early. Harvey - aka "the Dark Knight" seemed to come to the major leagues with all the pitches to be considered one of the best. He has not lived up to that by a long shot.


Don't get me wrong, I have compassion for any athlete trying to work their way back from an injury and I do like the New York Mets.  I have even enjoyed watching Harvey work, but working seems to be a problem for him. The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that Harvey's injuries have been pretty serious.

he suffered from thoracic outlet syndrome, a disorder that occurs when blood vessels or nerves in the space between the collarbone and ribs are compressed. He opted to undergo season-ending surgery

My problem with Harvey is that he just hasn't lived up to the hype. He has also shown "diva like" behavior and was suspended for just not showing up for a game because he spent the weekend golfing and was tired. How many of us could use that excuse with our boss?

Saturday will be an entertaining night as it always is at Dutchess Stadium. There will be a buzz when Harvey takes the mound for the Brooklyn Cyclones, but be prepared to see the Renegades Tee Off on this guy!  These Fireworks will happen before the game is over this time and Matt Harvey - it's going to be a dark night for you.