I think all of us know that there is a power in our pets that is often unexplainable. Their power to heal us, to save us, to sense a danger or to sense a need is almost miraculous and proves that they are much more than the word 'pet' would indicate as it is a word that implies ownership, something that I've never been comfortable with. You welcome them into your family, hope they welcome you into their hearts and that becomes something that is not 'owned'.

And once they are there is when you notice the love, the devotion and the often unexplainable. This was discovered in way that was both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time for Lisa Abeyta whose father is in the advanced stages of alzheimer's. He has practically lost the ability to form sentences and find the right words to speak, if he speaks at all.

But in a visit with him at her home she saw an amazing thing when her dog, Roscoe greeted her dad and proceeded to stay with him for an hour. Her dad spoke, and spoke coherently, something he only seems to be able to do anymore with his own dog, Molly, or in this case, Roscoe.

For Lisa this was a moment to treasure (not too monetize by the way and she's had plenty of offers) and she's using the video and her blog to try and offer some inspiration to people who are on the same painful road as her mother and herself when it comes to her dad. She also wanted to use it as a message to the greater...if you still can, then talk to your parents now. Don't wait until the chance has passed.

To Roscoe and Molly,  to service dogs and others, therapy dogs, Police K-9 partners, four legged soldiers and all those that keep us company, offer us conversation and a warm lap or shoulder after the day, thank you. What you do for us and the powers you have don't need an explanation. We know it in here.

visit the Alzheimer's Foundation.