The internet has been going crazy over the book entitled "Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey." It was written long before the Donald was around and there are some weird coincidences in it, but the weirdest is the name of the dog.

When my co-host Emerson told me about this book on our show this morning - I cried fake news! This had to be another scheme on the internet to take politics to another strange and bizarre place. Turns out it really is a book written in the 1890's and the dog's name might ring a bell to Mix 977 listeners.


Trump, Barron, a Trump Castle, Russia and a dog named Bulger? Granted my last name is spelled Bolger, but I'm going to run with this anyway. The question remains about this being a real book. Checking with Snopes, which is a great resource to see if something is fake news, they say it's legit.

Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, and its sequel 1900: or, The Last President, are indeed real books by writer Ingersoll Lockwood. (We haven’t been able to uncover any evidence proving that Donald Trump and his family have access to a time machine, however).

You can also get a copy of it online and I found that Barnes and Noble is selling the paperback for around $27. Wonder if the price has gone up in the last couple of days? I would be willing to sign copies at the Barnes and Noble in Poughkeepsie, even if that would be a bit of a stretch.