There are so many ways that I wish I could prank the internet. There are many times I would like to write a fake news story on this blog, but not tell you it was fake. Unfortunately, the company I work for frowns on this. As a matter of fact, they would probably be more than ticked if I did it.

Remember when some fake news site said that Lady Gaga was moving to Poughkeepsie? I ran with the story even though I wasn't convinced. They got me with that one, but I have not suffered any long term damage from it. Those are the kind of stories I would like to make up and pass them off as true.

Here are 3 FAKE local news stories you can pretend are real. Have I made it clear that non of these are legit? Good - here they are.

Walkway Over the Hudson Now Has Bungee Jumping and a Raw Bar On Weekends.

The Walkway Over the Hudson has seen a decline in walkership this summer, so in an attempt to lure tourists back to the pedestrian span, there will be Bungee Jumping and a raw bar located next to each other in the middle of the bridge. Bungee Jumpers are urged not to eat too many oysters before they leap.

Nancy Kennedy

Jennifer Lopez Goes Unnoticed in Rhinebeck This Week because Everybody Was Still Looking for Paul Rudd

One of the planets most beautiful women was in Rhinebeck this past weekend. Jennifer Lopez is filming in New York City and came up to Rhinebeck to get away for a couple of days. The superstar strolled down Market Street and went totally unnoticed by the crowds of people that come to the small town on weekends. Hundreds did visit the Samuel's Sweet Shop in a desperate search for Paul Rudd.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Why is there a Giant Retractable Dome Being Built Over Dutchess Stadium?

Now that the Hudson Valley Renegades have ended the baseball season, construction of a Giant Retractable Dome is being built over the landmark sports venue. The Dome will be completed by the end of October. Sources say that the inside will be converted into a replica of the popular 80's nightclub "Let's Dance". The Zolz will be featured on the turntables and well drinks will be just 3 dollars.

Zolzer via Facebook

Don't you wish these were true?