Are you related to someone famous?  Many of us can find someone in the family tree who is well known.  The Bolger that really had talent in my family is the late Ray Bolger.

You know him as the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.  He was incredible in that classic, but Ray was one of the biggest stars of his time.  Mr. Bolger was a distant cousin of mine.  So distant I never met him!  My Grandfather knew him and my older brother Carl met him once.

People still come up to me and call me Ray.  Not just seniors either.  Last week I was doing an appearance for the station and a woman, who may have been in her late 20's, came up to me and called me Ray Bolger.

Sad to say I never met the Scarecrow.  Nor was I fortunate enough to genetically capture his incredible dancing ability. I can relate to the not having a brain thing though. :)   He was amazing and continues to inspire some of today's great dancers.

If he were around today, it would be cool to see him as a judge on Dancing With the Stars.  I wonder what he would think of a show like that.  Watch this old video of Ray Bolger in action.  You will cringe at his flexibility and marvel at his talent!