Let's be real, Tom Cruise hasn't had a solid hit film in a couple of years with films like The Mummy and Jack Reacher Never Go Back. However, all that changes with this weekend's release of American Made. The film is a classic Tom Cruise home run hit that will hopefully score big with fans at the box office because it is worth seeing. Plus, the film gives us a glimpse of Cruise back in the cockpit; can you say Top Gun 2?
American Made is a comedic biographical crime drama that proves sometimes life is stranger than fiction. The film is directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith) and reunites Liman with his Edge of Tomorrow lead Tom Cruise, but unlike that film, this one is a lot less convoluted. The film's plot centers around real life commercial TWA pilot turned CIA reconnaissance expert, Barry Seal. In the 1980s, Seal goes on to become a courier for the CIA  aiding General Noriega in Panama only to become a drug smuggler for the Medellín Cartel before
the DEA and eventually the White House use his skills.
American Made is a solid film. What makes American Made shine, other than Tom Cruise is dynamic performance, is that the film is a perfect combination of comedy, heart and guts. It soars with action in the air and comedy all around. The film moves fast and is cleverly tongue-in-cheek, especially when it comes to certain political absurdities in the climate of the 1980s, but it does pack a punch of sincerity. If you want a film that is a little over the top, but entertaining and moving then American Made should not be missed.