The Two by Two Zoo stopped by the radio station the other morning and they brought a bunch of their favorite wild friends along for the visit.

The Two by Two Zoo is based out of Pleasant Valley and they travel all over the place to bring wild animals to the public. It's most likely they have visited your child's school at some point. I see them all the time at Adam's Fall Festival and the kangaroo is always a big hit with the crowd. According to their website, education is their mission.

We have had the wonderful privilege of travelling all over the Northeast with our unique animal exhibits. We are at every event to provide the public with interesting facts, educational information and to answer any questions they have.

Heather and Jessica came to Mix the other morning and they had a four foot long ball python, plus a couple of baby alligators. Emerson was not thrilled about the snake thing, so we didn't bring it into the studio. No need to scare my new co-host away in the first couple of weeks on the job.


They also brought a pig and kangaroo, but they had to stay outside because I guess the company doesn't allow kangaroo in the building? The Two by Two Zoo will be appearing at the Northeast Outdoor Sports Show in Rhinebeck on May 20th and 21st.  It's a great chance for you to check out some cool animals up close and personal. Get your tickets for the show at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds soon.