Ulster County Executive Mike Hein has 2018 proposed budget for Ulster County.  The budget calls for a reduction in property taxes and investments in different parts of the county.  Hein made his budget announcement from a former storage area attached to the Ulster County Probation Department.  The location was chosen to allow the public to see the space that will be transformed into the Ulster County Restorative Justice and Community Empowerment Center.  That is just a part of his budget plan.

Highlights from the proposed $324 million budget include property tax relief.  There will be a .25% reduction in the tax levy, which is lower than it was in 2010.  The above-mentioned Ulster County Restorative Justice and Community Empowerment Center, which will provide specialized, evidence based programming specifically targeted at juveniles.

The budget plan also calls for investments into the infrastructure of Ulster County. Expect about another 65 miles of county roads repaired and repaved. Also included is a $2.1 million highway traffic safety initiative that will improve and upgrade signage on county roads.

Hein’s plan also calls for Environmental improvements.  A new pilot program to lease ten additional green fleet compliant vehicles.  Also, free well water testing for qualifying low to moderate income communities.  In addition, the Department of Health will be appointed the County’s agency to oversee water quality initiatives.   The final budget must be approved by the Ulster County Legislator.