A countywide forum is being held at Highland High School on Thursday night, May 18, on the fight against the opioid and heroin crisis. The event is being sponsored by the Ulster County Interagency Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention in collaboration with the Highland Central School District.
The forum begins at 6pm and childcare will be available for families that need it. You can talk with representatives from local resource agencies beginning at 5:30pm, before the forum gets started.

Daniel Kaesler

There will be experts, including healthcare and law enforcement professionals. Those people will share tips, tools and insight into the epidemic of opioids and heroin. There will also be guests there who have experienced the impact these drugs have had on their loved ones. Topics during the forum included prevention, awareness, identification, consequences, getting help and ongoing support. People who attend the forum will have a chance to connect with local agencies and get resources for all the topic areas covered. It has been reported that opioid and heroin use in the Highland area, especially around the high school level has increased over the past few years and currently quite high.