Friday night, another Hudson Valley resident became even richer after winning Take Five from the New York State Lottery.  The person purchased the ticket at Zenon’s Restaurant located at 772 Ulster Avenue in Kingston.  The winning ticket was worth $73, 115.

In order to get the top prize, a player must match all five numbers.  The final winning Take Five numbers were: 06-08-13-16-39. There were 8,742 total cash prize winners.

The second level prize, which requires matching four out the five numbers. 229 people matched and picked up $478.50. The next level prize, the third prize level, where you match three out of five numbers. 8,512 people won that prize level, picking up $2100. In the lower tier prize level, you need to match two of the five numbers. There is no monetary prize, but you get a free ticket to play again.

Recently, someone from Pawling won the Take Five and pick up $33,000. No word from the lottery, if the winner has come forward to claim their prize.