A post by Ulster County Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum has received a ton of attention.  The post went up Saturday afternoon on the Ulster County Sheriff’s Facebook page.  The post urged people to boycott the Nation Football League by not watching football on TV and/or not attending games.

Van Blarcum defends his post, according an article in the Daily Freeman.   The post is in reference to NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.  The post has gotten a lot of comments, with a number of different opinions.   The post according to the articles has been shared more than 161 times as of Saturday evening.

The sheriff says, he feels it’s important for people to know where their sheriff stands on the issues.  Van Blarcum, respects everyone’s opinions, but his is that them protects are not valid and people should steer away from the NFL.  He feels the protest shouldn’t have during the national anthem.

The post has raised national attention from major news outlets and locally from Ulster County Legislator David Donaldson.  He feels the post was inappropriate.  He doesn’t feel the sheriff should be weighting in on those issues, especially on the sheriff’s officials Facebook account.  Opponents have started a change.org post, “Change Your Mind or Change Your Job.”