I have this really cool friend I'll call Ali...because that's her name. Ali has this intriguing and magical way of always seeing things for the purpose they are NOT intended. When I see an empty bag that used to hold onions or oranges, I see garbage... Ali sees a scrubber. When I see a sock that is torn or missing it's mate, I see garbage...Ali sees a chic Barbie doll dress. Ali uses flower pots for storage, dryer sheets to dust and coffee filters to serve snacks. She never ceases to amaze me.

I happened to be thinking about Ali's mastery of the weird and unexpected uses for things when I happened upon a video of Food Network star Alton Brown who I have loved for years. He is smart, funny, very clever and always uses things for the purpose they are NOT intended and this is indeed one of those things...

Alton used to host a show on The Food Network called "Good Eats" but his  newest show  is "Cutthroat Kitchen", a slightly twisted game show that Brown refers to as “evilicious”..... And a delightful local connection is Erika Young, a beautiful, talented  friend who owns and operates Yum Yum Noodle Bar in Woodstock and Kingston, recently won the competition!

So with Ali and Alton as your inspiration start using everything in your life for the purpose it is NOT intended and see what surprises appear!