If you have a dog that sleeps in your bed and you want that behavior to stop, there is a trainer in the area that can get that pooch out from under your sheets.

I do love dogs, but not in my bed. When you get up at 3:30 am to do a morning radio show, the last thing you want keeping you awake at night is dog breath, dog slobber and the sound of dog snoring on the pillow next to you. I know you are saying: "But Mark - you have described my husband, not my pet."


If your dog has been in your bed and you don't like it anymore, contact Jacqueline Zinetti of Off the Lease K9 Trainers. According to the Dutchess County Dog Trainers website, Jacqueline uses dogs to train other dogs and she has handled some serious behavior issues.

Over the years Jacqueline has trained numerous dogs that were deemed “untrainable” or “vicious”.  Many of these pups were days away from being given up to the shelter system or worse, put to sleep.

It's obvious that they don't do lots of "get the dog out of my bed training", but I am pretty sure they can help you with that. You trained the dog to get in your bed, so it makes sense that it can be trained to stay out of it. Most animals respond to positive reinforcement and that is key in training them.

Once you get your dog out of the bed, maybe you can train your family Guinea Pig to rock a fidget spinner like this little guy?