The Fields Sculpture Park at OMI International Arts Center in Columbia County will have you questioning your perspective on what is art. That is exactly what should happen.

I took a visit to the "fields" at OMI in the Town of Ghent, about 75 minutes north of Poughkeepsie driving up Route 9. The ride to OMI is beautiful as you pass through the farmland in our friendly county just to the north of Dutchess. The county has had a pretty big boost in tourism with places like Hudson and Chatham drawing lots of visitors. The Berkshires aren't far away and there are lots of great restaurants and breweries.

The sculpture fields at OMI are free to visit, which is pretty cool when you think about the amount of land they have to take care of. Storm King Arts Center in Orange County is a much bigger outdoor sculpture park and it does charge an admission. It's not really fair to compare the two because they both are really inspiring in their own way.


The sculptures at OMI are made of steel, plastic, wood and lots of other materials. They are each given enough space as to letting you take in the art in front of you without just strolling off to the next one too quickly. I never really thought that I would enjoy outdoor modern art. Some of it is just a big hunk of steel stuck in the ground, but for some reason you do get a sense of what the artist is trying to communicate. As with most things in life, you have to be there.

Take a ride to the Fields Sculpture Park in Ghent this summer. They have a great little cafe and patio on sight, plus picnic tables in the fields. You can also borrow a bike to ride around the acres of intriguing sculptures. There is a calender full of cool events like: concerts, brunch and dancing under the stars. OMI should be on your bucket list this year.