After the bone chilling cold weather and record low temperatures the Hudson Valley has been experiencing, it’s time for the January thaw. The National Weather Service forecast for the area is calling for daytime temperatures to jump into the 30’s and by the end of the week the upper 40’s.

All of this warmer weather is thanks to a warm front and a high pressure that will move into the Hudson Valley Tuesday. We’ll have to deal with one more low-pressure system and some light snow Monday afternoon and Monday night, but then the warm up starts.
Tuesday, the forecast calls for sunny skies and a daytime temperature of 37, it will still be a chilly night with lows in the teens. Sun comes back again for Wednesday, temps will climb to 35, but don’t drop much at night. That helps to pick up the momentum for Thursday, where temperatures climb to 45. Friday, rain moves into the Hudson Valley, and temperatures will get up to 48.