I love Bigfoot! You may be a non-believer but, I just discovered Bigfoot may have visited my old hometown - Beacon, New York.

Searching the web, I found some pretty cool video of Sasquatch roaming a place that I have spent lots of time exploring. Mount Beacon is a favorite for hikers and it will probably become even busier, now that they are shutting down Breakneck Ridge for hiking in 2018.

Before you head into the woods or hike up the mountain, take a look at this video that came out back in 2013. It's Bigfoot in the woods near Mount Beacon. I know lots of you will think this is fake, but I choose to believe.


I don't know who this Randal Hart is, but you are pretty brave to be this close to a giant that could turn on you.  This is some of the clearest video shot of Bigfoot and I don't know why we haven't heard more about it. Randall put out more video that shows Bigfoot at other locations in Beacon.


Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley is a local group that is the "go to" authority on preservation of the species. Now that most of the leaves are gone, this could be a good weekend to search for Bigfoot in the woods of Beacon. Do you think he is still there four years after this video was taken?  I sure hope so.