President's Day is this Monday and the Father of Our Country, George Washington spent a lot of time in Newburgh. Have you ever visited his headquarters?

Washington's Headquarters is on Liberty Street in Newburgh and it overlooks the Hudson River. It also has a clear view of Mount Beacon, where General Washington used to received signals from his Army about the Brits coming up the river.

According to the Revolutionary Day website, this fieldstone house was chosen because it was close to West Point. It was also where Washington spent the most time. He had a number of "headquarters", but Newburgh was very important.

Out of all the homes that Washington called headquarters, this one was his for the longest time period of any during the war — 18 months. For 12 of these months, his wife Martha lived here also.

President's Weekend is a great time to visit the home. The guides inside the house are dressed in period clothing and many of them are local high school history teachers. I am always amazed at how Washington was able to move around the country and seemed to have "slept" everywhere. The guides talk about that and how difficult our First President really had it.

Check out Washington's Headquarters this weekend in Newburgh. If you can't make it, this guy will show you around. Take it away "Nick the History Kid."