Atlanta takes on New England in the Big Game on Sunday, but there is a more heart wrenching contest taking place on another channel. The Puppy Bowl draws millions of viewers because it's non-stop fur-dorable!

I had a chance to talk to the "Rufferee" of the Puppy Bowl about the second most watched show on Big Game Sunday. Dan Schachner has a pretty cool job with Animal Planet. He gets to ref the Puppy Bowl and according to Animal Planet, this is his first year in this pressure packed position. Dan is taking this very seriously.

Receiving the honorary ref whistle and gold-plated pooper scooper in a moving pre-game ceremony. I would be lying if I said my emotions didn't run high that day.

I love football and had to admit to Ref Dan that I have never watched the Puppy Bowl. However, the 10 hour pre-game show with the endless drone of football analysis has become quite boring. This year I will be watching the Puppy Bowl for a couple of hours before the Big Game.

The whole approach by Animal Planet is very "tongue in cheek" and I love that kind of humor. They really spoof the excessive hype of football and it's really well done. I had a fun time talking with Rufferee Dan.  If you missed the interview, check it out below.


All the dogs that appear on the show get adopted! A true Championship moment for all.