The West Point Glee Club put on an inspiring "flash mob" performance at Chicago O'Hare Airport just before Veterans Day.

The West Point Glee Club has performed all over the world. They have played Carnegie Hall and the Country Music Awards Show. Last week they turned in a great show at the Airport in Chicago. ABC News reports that the "flash mob" performance began with just one cadet.

The performance began with a lone cadet singing in the rotunda of terminal 3. More young men and women began to filter in around him, joining in on the fun.

There was no rehearsal in a back room at the airport. The Glee Club just took a look around for a good spot and then the fun began. This video has been shared over 50,000 times since it was posted on Thursday.


The West Point Glee Club was doing a few shows around Chicago for Veterans Day Weekend and this was just them having a little informal fun. It's not the first time they have ever done this. I found video from back in 2015 where the Glee Club teamed up with some members of the USO to perform a Philip Philips song at LAX.


Thanks to the Glee Club for spreading some joy and patriotism. I hope they will be performing at West Point during the holiday season. There is the annual Holiday Show put on by the West Point Band. This year it happens on December 2nd and 3rd. No mention of the Glee Club on the website, but maybe they will be there. It's a free show, so don't miss it!