Summer vacation should be filled with beautiful memories, but the Bolger family experienced one spot that creeped us out.

September is here and if you remember last year at this time, the Hudson Valley was just starting to come to grips with the creepy clown sightings that infiltrated the fall season and then just disappeared. Will it happen again this year? I have no answer for that, but I am sure we will find out soon.

I spent a few days at the Jersey Shore with my daughters. We had a terrific time, but there was one place that we passed everytime we drove to the Point Pleasant Beach that just sent a chill up our spines. I have never been afraid of clowns, but I do understand why they freak some people out. This abandoned roadside fast food place sent chills up the spines of the Bolger family.



You have to admit the place does give you the Willies. I am sure in it's heyday it was packed and was lots of fun, but not anymore. Oh - I almost forgot. Happy Birthday Dick Friedel.