This morning was the first day back on the air for Kimberly and I after having a week off for vacation. Kimberly spent her week around here and I went to Boston with my daughters for a couple of days.


As you can tell, we were both having a tough time getting back on our work schedule. With the summer almost half over already, maybe you are looking for a quick getaway.  I do recommend Boston. The hotels are very expensive, so try to find one outside of the city and drive or take mass transit in.

The Boston Harbor Whale Watch cruise is really a cool thing to do. If you have never gone on a whale watch it is truly spectacular. Outside of the one burst of whale flatulence, the experience was incredible. Our boat took us to the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary about 20 miles off the coast. There is an underwater plateau that brings cold water and lots of small fish to the area.This plateau is a popular feeding area for whales and there are so many out there, the cruise guarantees you will see whales.

We saw about 10 Humbacks during our cruise and 3 of them came right up next to the boat. There is something special when you are next to a creature about 50 feet long and it is just hanging around so you can take a better look at it. The only thing that would have made the trip even better is if we had gotten to see a "breach" like the one that happened to this radio station owner from Atlanta.


The lady on the boat didn't seem to thrilled with the breaching whale, but this is incredible video.