The best thing you can do if you are starting a new workout regime is get the proper equipment. My co-host Kimberly is taking her first Zumba class at IXL Fitness today, so last night she went out and bought new sneakers!


Who pays $2 for sneakers today?  Don't get me wrong, I think most athletic shoes are way overpriced, but 2 dollars for footwear that you are going to be working out in is just a big mistake.

I am truly concerned for Kimberly's safety in whatever those are on her feet. There is no support, cushioning and they just look kinda ridiculous.  According to the Best Exercise Shoes website, you need something that will keep your feet from getting beaten up during Zumba class.

Without extra absorption available for the impacts you’ll receive during the dance moves, your feet can easily get bruised and you may even end up missing your next dance class.

Kimberly just stick your feet in a bucket of ice after you are done dancing in those 2 buck chucks today. You feet are probably gonna be hurtin!

I am happy that Kimberly is willing to try a new exercise class and I know IXL Fitness does a great job.  I just have a feeling my co-host is going to look like the lady wearing blue in this video.