So you're moving to a new state, or thinking about it, and you want to get to know the place you're going to call home a little better. Maybe you've already checked off the important stuff like, the cost of living, price of homes, the climate, the number of bars etc., but you still want to know a little more.

Well, the real estate website, Estately, went through Google Trends with a ton of search queries to see what was being searched for the most, state by state.

Are you looking to be bored to the point where you get a bride catalog and not one about flowers and bridesmaids dresses? Then move to Alaska where they Google pull tabs. Seriously, they Google pull tabs.

Adult Friend Finder / AR-15 / Bird Watching / Couch Surfing / Mail Order Bride / Pull Tabs / Sarah Palin

I didn't know what a 'Juggalo' was and then I Googled it like they, apparently, do a lot in New Mexico. I wish I didn't know what a 'Juggalo' was.

Are you a simple, laid back stoner with a cat? Maine is on the phone.

Cat Pics / How to roll a joint / Growing Marijuana / Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance”

Avoid Kentucky if you ever want your birthday to make sense again...and don't blow out the candles whatever you do.

If you're heading to Minnesota you best like football and wear cool flannel while sporting a beard and fedora. You might also not be all that graceful.

In Missouri you may have missed a few things over the years.

In North Dakota you sing the Canadian national anthem.

If your headed to Jersey start liking Bon Jovi, even if you don't want to. Also be prepared to make fun of yourself a lot.

And right here at home? I hope you like glue.

Here's the whole, very interesting and entertaining list.