If you lived in the Hudson Valley in the mid 90's, you might remember one of the biggest art projects our area has ever seen. The Da Vinci horse was built at Tallix in Beacon.

Leonardo Da Vinci wanted to sculpt the gigantic horse and cast it in bronze, but the project was stopped because the bronze was used to make cannons instead. DaVinci never got to finish his masterpiece. Tallix Foundry stepped up to built it in 1996 and the horse still stands in Milan,Italy today.


The New York Times wrote about the work on the horse and if you didn't get to see it, the size and weight of this sculpture make you wonder how they did it.

The horse is animated, in a trot, and only two legs touch the ground. The finished bronze is expected to weigh 12 tons, so a stainless steel armature will be fitted in the body and two of the legs, in order to support the weight, resist wind shear and withstand earthquakes.

I was fortunate enough to get a tour of the foundry when they were constructing ''Il Cavallo'' and it was one of the most impressive works of art that I have ever seen. The horse was given to the people of Italy as a present. Sort of a thank you for the Renaissance.

I would love to travel to Milan to see it. Do you remember when this was being built in Beacon? Have you ever been to Italy to see it? Please leave your comments on our Facebook page.