It's time to take a look at another house that could be up for grabs here in Dutchess County. This one is "wilder" than any previous home I have shown you.

I drive by this beauty everyday on my way to work. The words "let things go" often come to mind, but I do wonder what happened here. Is it one of the over 450 houses in foreclosure in Poughkeepsie? I have heard the phrase: "owning a home you can grow with," but this is ridiculous.


Wow! I don't think this place will be standing in a couple of years. It will just be swallowed up by all the greens. I was wondering if it is possible to have your house destroyed by plant life. The answer is most certainly - yes.

According to the Today's Homeowner website, it doesn't matter if you live in a brick house or one with siding. Creeping ivy can rip a place apart if there are any weak spots.

Ivy roots take hold in cracks and crevices, but they generally aren’t strong enough to create them. This means that solid, well-constructed masonry walls usually can handle ivy (and the ivy even helps keep it cool and dry), but the invasive roots can cause considerable damage to other surfaces.

So the house is on West Cedar Street in Poughkeepsie and I don't know if it's for sale. I do know the perfect gift for anyone who buys it - a machete.