So for all of us that have animals, especially dogs there is a curiosity as to what they do when we're gone and the house is all theirs. I know that Jackson and Brady at the FrankenGreco Ranch can get into things as evidenced by the mess we occasionally come home to, the leavings of the garbage can if we forgot to lock it, a tube of toothpaste or maybe a roll of Tums ( at least assuring fresh breath and acid free tummies). Heck Jackson has legs long enough and paws with enough resolve to reach for seemingly out of reach things on the kitchen counter. Everything from loaves of bread to boxes of cereal to rolls of paper towels.

-fb - Jackson and Brady looking fairly innocent

But there is still that question as to what they do for the day with their humans gone? Is it just the sleeping until we get home with the occasional run to bark at a sound at the window as we think? Or is it more? (with the sleeping Shoes and Little Bella are most probably in this boat).

-fb - Shoey and Little Bella most probably sleep the day away, but hey, you never know.

Well this hidden camera video catches just that. What this dog does in his house where he's not allowed on the bed is just too much. I love the almost human like snarkiness of the way he excitedly rubs his back and butt all over after 'mom' has left. "Sure Lady! No on the bed huh? I'll show you 'no on the bed'" The Cat btw? Couldn't give a crap till the dog gets in her face.

- Buzzfeed