There is nothing like a controlled demolition to bring some delight to frustrated commuters. Seeing a bridge blown up just makes you wish you were pushing the plunger.

The  Kosciuszko Bridge, which linked Queens and Brooklyn was blown up last weekend. It was taken down by a number of people, including our Governor Cuomo. According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, the bridge was 78 years old and I guess it's not politically correct to say it was blown up.

The "energetic felling" as it was technically called included 900 charges as the two sides of the bridge came down.

"Energetic Felling" works for me. I'm sure the millions of people who spent decades cursing their brains out on the Kosciuszko don't care what you call it. They are just happy to see that sucker come down. Let's watch!


I get the feeling our Governor likes blowing up bridges. Remember he came to High Falls in January to take down the old Route 213 bridge which hung over the Roundout creek. The Gov pushed the plunger on this one and it's worth another look.


Cool stuff! I must admit, I am a bit jealous. Wouldn't you like to be the one in charge of an "energetic felling?"  Hypothetically speaking -

This poll is just to gauge your frustration with traffic on these spans. There are no official plans to take them down anytime in the near future.