If you are on the streets in Fishkill on Wednesday, someone might come up to you and hand you a couple of bouquets of flowers. How great would that be?

It happened last year in Fishkill and "Petal It Forward" is coming back. On Wednesday between 11am and 2pm a "happiness ambassador" from the online gift company Lovingly, might hand you a couple of bouquets. It's all about spreading good will and joy.


The Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce described the upcoming floral fest in Fishkill as a public event that becomes pretty personal. This random act of kindness can really touch people.

“One is for the person who receives our gift,” says Ken Garland, co-founder and managing partner of Lovingly, “the other is a gift to be given by that person to anybody she or he chooses. Encouraging giving is what Petal It Forward is all about."

The whole thing was started by the American Society of Florists and it's really a brilliant campaign to increase awareness. Giving flowers to someone for no reason can really have an impact. So hang out in Fishkill on Wednesday and maybe you will get the opportunity to "petal it forward."