The Sports Kingdome in East Fishkill is going to be the biggest multi-sports dome in the world. It isn't even up yet, but it's fate may already be sealed.

If you have followed my blogging, you know I am a fan of the implosion of large structures. Controlled destruction of these impressive structures is just cool to watch. Last week they took down one of the nation's biggest domes - The Georgia Dome in Atlanta.


The Georgia Dome hosted two Superbowls and some of the 1996 Summer Olympics. Like all great domes, the end eventually comes. It  only took 15 seconds to bring it to the ground. The same thing will probably happen to the Kingdome in East Fishkill in another 20 years.

The East Fishkill Kingdome will be a massive, air-filled extravaganza.  It will have over 350,000 square feet of indoor available space.  According to Sports King Dome, it was supposed to already be open, but that got pushed back because of some unexpected delays. Opening will happen mid 2018 and construction is moving along.

Dan Fraioli, CEO of Air Structures American Technologies, Inc., which has built domes for several professional sports teams and other users, said “The dome and air handlers are on site and ready to go and we are all looking forward to inflation and grand opening in the coming months.”

This is going to be an incredible facility when it does finally open up. Then in about 20 or 30 years, someone will push the plunger and the whole thing will be flattened in a matter of seconds. That's cool!