One thing we love doing during the ride home is giving you a chance to win free things.  Lately, our promotions teams, namely our promotions director has been scoring some really great concert tickets.

This week, we'll will have tickets to see Halsey.  She'll be at the Barclay's Center this Friday night, October 13.  Don't get creeped out, so it's Friday the 13th.  This is going to be a hot show.

Halsey big hit, "Now or Never."

Of course she was the only who helped the Chainsmokers out on "Closer."

Be listening Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon around 4:30pm for your tickets.  We'll be playing a round of Rick eokee.   Yes, that is where we have to sing part of a song and you must complete the next line.  Please brush up on your Halsey to win.

Also at this show will be Party Next Door with help from Charlie XDX.